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Color-Gruppe München
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Color-Gruppe München
17. February 2012

Color Gruppe produces a large-format cookbook in Braille


The unique cookbook "Trust in Taste – A cookbook for blind and sighted" by gourmet chef Michael Hoffmann, is now available in all bookstores. It is the first cookbook that can be used for both, the blind and the seeing.

Taste is a matter of trust

In Germany there are over one million blind and visually impaired. The idea behind this unique cookbook was to bring sighted and visual impaired people together and to show them a new world of cooking. All recipes were developed by Michael Hoffmann in a close collaboration visually impaired parties. Gourmet chef Hoffmann states, that he has embarked himself somehow on a culinary adventure to reduce the cooking process back to the basics and to develop recipes that enables blind and sighted gourmands to reveal a new world of pleasure.

Cooking is a challenge for blind people

How do I know when the meat is done? How to prepare fish so that it is juicy and yet through? And how spice food, if you cannot see how much salt you take? Everyday experiences become for real challenges for blind people. Without the capabilities to “see” it, they have to rely on their other highly developed senses: Feels the fruit firm, does the meat smells fresh, can these spices actually be tasted to fish, how to listen to the oil in the pan, if it is hot already? With a little practice and intuition people are able to sharpen the non-visual senses so that they can easily cook Michael Hoffmann’s recipes and share and enjoy them with their family, friends and colleagues - whether blind or sighted.

"Trust in Taste" is a work of art

For an individual idea like „Trust in Taste“ there had to be also new ways to design and produce a large-format book like this one. The recipes had to be printed for the sighted reader and to be embossed in Braille on the food photographs both to be informative and easy to use. For use of the Braille embossing, it was necessary to cellophaned all pages so that the paper does not breaks during  the embossing process and the Braille remains even after repeated use of the book. In addition to the sensitive portrayal of the recipes an audio book supports with specially composed cooking tunes (by Stefan Noelle and Alex Haas) the sensuality of experienced cooking.

    Trust in Taste:

   ▪ Hardcover bound with Wire-O binding in two      Volumes in a slipcase
   ▪ Format 24x30
   ▪ Scope of total 264 pages,
     more than 164 photographs
   ▪ All pages cellophaned and washable
   ▪ All information in conventional black print
     and in Braille
   ▪ All content included on CD are in
     MP3 format with cookingsongs
   ▪ ISBN 978-3-9812602-4-3
   ▪ LC-Code 15093

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