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Color-Gruppe München
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Color-Gruppe München
Color-Gruppe München
Color-Gruppe München
Color-Gruppe München

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Color-Gruppe München
Color-Gruppe München
Color-Gruppe München

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Color-Gruppe München
12. January 2011

Color Gruppe improves their corporate environmental performance


With a new environmental concept, Color Gruppe starts the year 2011. The objective of this program is to improve the ecological sustainability of the printing processes and therefore to reduce the effects on the climate change.

ECOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection) is a cooperative approach between the regional authority and local companies with the goal of reducing cost for waste, raw materials, water, and energy. Reductions in these areas also reduce environmental aspects of businesses. The model addresses production companies as well as hospitals, hotels, service companies and tradespeople.

The ECOPROFIT approach as a model of cooperation of the community with regional companies is used in 19 countries on 4 continents. ECOPROFIT is based on a voluntary participation and initiative of the participants, and contributes to three basic areas of sustainability:

Ecology: Energy and material consumption, as well as emissions and waste are reduced.

Economy: The program ensures economically viable jobs. Costs and business risks are reduced, and technological innovations are encouraged.

Social: ECOPROFIT maintains and creates jobs, improves the employment protection and motivates the employees to involve actively in the project.

All qualifying steps beginning with the formation of an in-house environmental team, the identification of an individual environmental policy, various workshops on energy conservation, waste separation and reduction, water saving, the handling of hazardous materials and the compliance with environmental friendly rules and regulations are controlled and after final examination, certified.

If you are interested to print your products environment-friendly - whether printed climate-neutral, FSC standard or on recycled paper, our team is looking forward to help you.

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